All of us are on a journey. Here’s where we will chronicle ours.

Hello there! We are Quinton and Rathiha Egbert. It is an honour to have you visit our website, and we thank you for your interest.

Read on to find out what Dew2Flourish has to offer, and to learn about the backstory, vision, and visionaries.


Dew2Flourish.com is a place of replenishing – a virtual isle – for all to find encouragement, strength, and direction.

We welcome you to join us as we candidly share about our learnings on the mountaintops, valleys, and everywhere-in-between places of our journey.

It is our prayer that the richness of our personal experiences of joy and brokenness will also spur you to lead a principled life of faith, empowered by God.  Through every experience, Jesus has proven time again that He is with us and He is all we need. What an adventure!

Dew2Flourish.com features several streams of content that will refresh and encourage you, such as:

  • Dew2Flourish Blog: Inspirational blogposts filled with revelatory insights from the Word of God, personal experiences of walking in faith, and musings about lessons learned and the like.
  • qCanvas: Digital, mostly abstract, artistic renditions of various subject matter.
  • Wisdom Calls Aloud: Posts offering sound advice and practical ways to apply the Word of God to daily living and common challenges.
  • Go Deeper: Teasers developed during personal devotional times to whet appetites to delve into the Word of God.
  • Sing It: Soul-stirring music and lyric videos from anointed and gifted artists.
  • Scenic Route: DSLR captures of nature, travel, wildlife, food, and much more.

Feel free to explore this content, post your comments, and share these pages with your family and friends.

Inspirational Communications Products by Dew2Flourish

Team Dew2Flourish develops and produces timeless online and print products that are suitable for all ages, to empower generations to walk in Truth and press on towards their destiny. From ghostwriting and editing, to photography and art, plus creative media solutions, look no further than Dew2Flourish for your upcoming communications needs. For more information, contact us.

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May the nuggets of Truth that you discover here continue to echo as wisdom in your own journey, to pursue the Living God who desires that you flourish in every way.

Dew2Flourish: Be replenished in your journey!

The Backstory

On January 19, 2011, Quinton and Rathiha Egbert launched their blog, QRI Musings. (QRI is an initialism of Quinton and Rathiha, and their eldest son).


The inaugural post titled “2010 – A difficult but necessary chapter for QRI” provided a glimpse into a tumultuous year of being in a deep, dark valley experience. Little did they know that within four days of launching their blog, the Lord would perform an amazing miracle concerning Rathiha’s physical health that still astounds those who hear about it today.

In 2013, after an extended season of waiting upon the Lord for direction, Quinton and Rathiha sensed that the Lord was going to birth something new.

To their amazement, while Rathiha was expectant with their second child, they received a word from the Lord through His servant: Just like they were expecting a baby in the natural sense, they were also spiritually pregnant with a new work that the Lord was going to birth through them. Quinton and Rathiha decided that it was time to take a hiatus from online activities to listen closely for clarity regarding next steps.

During one of their family devotional times following the birth of their second son, the Spirit of God impressed Micah 5:7 (MSG) upon their hearts, and the vision for Dew2Flourish was prayerfully birthed.

With a readership that spannned over 90 countries, the QRI Musings Blog became the Dew2Flourish Blog in 2015 to broaden the scope of its vision to effectively reach a greater number of people for the glory of God. Dew2Flourish.com is a platform for several streams of content, including the Blog. As an entity, Dew2Flourish will be the launchpad for innovative projects on the horizon, all for His glory alone!

The Vision

dew on tropical flower

As God’s remnant, according to Micah 5:7 (MSG), we take our place among the nations to be used by Him in a timely way like the refreshing dew that makes everything to flourish. Like the dew, the truth of the Word of God delivered through us will cause people and generations to be firmly rooted and to blossom to their potential. The work of the Lord through us, as His platform, will be blessed and limitless.

“The purged and select company of Jacob will be
like an island in the sea of peoples.
They’ll be like dew from God,
like summer showers
Not mentioned in the weather forecast,
not subject to calculation or control.”

Micah 5:7 (MSG)

The Team

Quinton and Rathiha are celebrating 12 amazing years of marriage this year. They are blessed to be parents to three precious children.

Here is an ordinary family on an extraordinary journey from strength to strength, all because of the immense love and grace of their Lord and Saviour, Jesus. Over the past decade, the Lord has blessed Quinton and Rathiha beyond their wildest dreams, leading them on many exciting adventures.

By the grace of God, they have also overcome unimaginable obstacles along the way. Those moments have unearthed many invaluable lessons about the formative process of character-refinement that they openly share with others who are in search of answers and direction. As challenging as it is to understand the rough, sharp turns in life, they know from experience that the more they press into God, He will fashion their character and enable them to emerge stronger through it all.

Quinton and Rathiha are passionate about encouraging and helping people in any capacity required. This has quite often led them to place their complete trust in Jesus and to dive headfirst into assignments without any prior experience. It is in those times that Quinton and Rathiha have witnessed the hand of God at work in incredibly powerful ways, transforming hearts and changing lives. It brings them much joy to see others arise and to be all that God has called them to be.

They consider it to be a great blessing to have successful careers in their respective fields of education. Quinton works for a network firm as a senior software engineer and Rathiha works for the public sector as a senior editor/writer. They are actively involved in serving their local church and community, and in assisting several ministries and organizations in various capacities.

Quinton and Rathiha have many shared passions, namely spending quality time with each other and their children, photography, travelling, event coordination, and being undercover Masterchefs. Quinton enjoys working on his paintings, mulling over potential innovations, and has a knack for engaging in deep discussions with just about anyone. Rathiha dabbles in freelance journalism and ghostwriting projects, and takes pleasure in playing her keyboard and baking sweet treats.

They presently reside in the beautiful Ottawa Valley in Canada.

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