The Time My Husband Saved My Life…Literally!

We have had quite a number of interesting travel experiences over the years. This particular episode is unforgettable…and I lived to tell the tale!

Our Victorian LookToday, on our 10th Wedding Anniversary, I would like to honour my very own warrior – my valiant knight in shining armour 🙂 – by sharing this story with the world.

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to my Sweetheart, Quinton!

June 2005

We were at the halfway-point of our honeymoon adventure to France, Sri Lanka, India, and England in June-July 2005.

The night before we were to fly to India from Sri Lanka, we stayed at a hotel in the capital city of Colombo. It was a busy day and we only had about four hours to fit in some sleep before my uncle would be driving us to the airport.

Quinton was about to turn the lights off, but he remembered that he needed to set the alarm. He sat down across from the bed and tried to figure out the alarm clock in our hotel room. I was already in bed, dozing in and out of our conversation regarding our South India tour.

Quinton was responding to a question of mine when he suddenly stopped talking, mid-sentence. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds, so I opened my eyes to look over at Quinton.

He was not looking in my direction. His eyes were fixed on something to my left.

I could tell from his expression that he did not like what he was looking at.

Before I could open my mouth to ask him what was wrong, I saw his hand slowly coming towards mine.

“Don’t…move…Don’t…say…anything,” he said, in a firm, hushed tone.

Obviously, a couple of thoughts started swirling in my mind:
1) Why shouldn’t I move?
2) Why shouldn’t I say anything?
3) What on earth was Quinton looking at?!

Before I could even think about the possibilities, Quinton grabbed my hand and swiftly pulled me off of the bed. The rapid pull caused the bed to move away from the wall, and I heard a strange noise as if something hit the floor.

By the time I gained my balance, Quinton had already grabbed some of our things and started shoving it back into our suitcases.

“We’re leaving. Let’s go,” he said to me, zipping up our bags.

I asked him what was wrong, but he said the same thing again and added, “we have to leave now!”

We ran out the door and down the stairs with bags and suitcases in hand. Once we reached the front desk, Quinton asked to see the manager.

When the manager came to the front desk, Quinton tried to keep his voice down so I would not overhear their conversation. But the very confused manager could not understand what Quinton was trying to say to him.

Quinton held up his index finger and curled it.

As soon as I saw Quinton’s gesture, I could only think of one thing.

I could barely get the words out of my mouth.

“A scorpion?” I exclaimed.

Quinton looked at me and nodded. Then he turned to the manager and said: “There was a small grayish-black scorpion and it was crawling on the pillow towards my wife’s head.”

The manager could not believe what he was hearing. He denied that such a thing could ever happen at his hotel and kept going on and on about his high standards, etc.

That was about the point where Quinton went realllllllyyyyyy quiet. The manager took one good look and could clearly see that Quinton was not amused. So the manager quickly asked the porter to accompany Quinton and check out our room.

I sat down in the lobby in complete shock. The manager kept trying to reassure me that this was a new hotel and he had never seen anything like that before. None of the words that were coming out of his mouth were registering in my mind. All I could think about was Quinton’s recap of this incident.

A scorpion? Crawling towards my head? What if we had turned the lights off and gone to sleep?!?!

When Quinton and the porter returned to our room, they pushed aside every piece of furniture in search of the scorpion. At the same time, the porter was trying to convince Quinton that he may have been seeing things.

Then, Quinton pushed aside the armoire, and there it was. It was indeed a scorpion, and the porter freaked out.

The porter turned to Quinton sheepishly, saying: “Sir, if you don’t mind, can you kill it, Sir?”

Quinton stepped on it and made sure it was dead, and came back to the lobby. He did not say a word to the manager, but as we were walking out of the main entrance, he told me that they found it and took care of it. We could also hear the porter recounting what he had seen upstairs to the manager and staff.

We started walking towards my grandparents home in silence as the events of that night sank in. I knew quite a few facts about scorpions as I had a friend in university who was a bug lover. The most memorable one: The smaller the scorpion, the more potent the venom would be. Who knew that I would have such a close call with one!

Within the first few weeks of our marriage, Quinton came to my rescue and pulled me out of a dangerous situation with a deadly creature with seconds to spare.

I am so grateful to have been blessed with my very own God-sent hero as my husband! He has stood by my side and walked with me through many mountains and valleys.

And today, we are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary!

Wedding collage

May 21, 2005 to Today

It is an incredible honour to journey through life with my amazing lover and best friend, Quinton. I cannot articulate in words how much he has blessed my life. There are many inspirational qualities that I so admire about Quinton. Quinton honours God in every way, he leads and serves our family with love, wisdom, and honour, and he sincerely loves to be there for and support others as well. He is so gentle and pure in heart.

The past ten years have been filled with many joyous blessings and adventures. God blessed us with two brilliant sons, Ishmerai and Josiah. Our children have enriched our lives in unimaginable ways, and it still amazes us that God would entrust us with such valuable treasures in our journey.

Life has had plenty of curveballs as well. Lots of curveballs and many (painful!) lessons learned. These tests have surely built our character and strengthened our love for each other. Through it all, God has proven Himself to be Faithful and led us through unto victory.

I truly believe that the incident with the scorpion was a testament to Quinton’s intimate relationship with God. One of promises of Psalm 91 reserved for those who rest in the secret place of God is that they will be granted the power to trample the deadliest of creatures with their feet (Psalm 91:13). And in June 2005, Quinton did just that.

I want to take a moment to honour my husband on this very special day.


I love you, Quinton Andrew Egbert. You are a true gentleman of honour and I am so blessed to be married to you. Our children are so blessed to have you as their amazing Father as well. Thank you for being our everyday hero!

I thank God for blessing us with 10 beautiful years, and I look forward to what He has in store for us for all the years to come. Happy 10th Anniversary, Qutsy!!

Stay tuned for 10 guiding principles from our marriage!

Quinton and I are taking time this week to reflect on the past 10 years, and we thought it would be a fitting way to celebrate this milestone by sharing 10 key principles that we abide by in our marriage. (Let’s just say that these are 10 among many!)

We will be releasing these 10 principles in short posts over the next little while, and we hope it will be a blessing to you!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Congratulations to the wonderful couple that you are.. May the Lord bless you both and your family…He has many things to accomplish and go for it.Love you all and praying for special blessings on your special day!!

    Eby, Melani and Children

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