In the Zone

Carefully positioning a nail at the edge of a precisely trimmed plank, he steadily tapped away.

The thud of each hammer strike echoed throughout the town.


As the gigantic structure began to take shape on the construction site, the interest of onlookers faded into smirks.

“This has got to be the most nonsensical┬áman to walk the face of the planet,” they sneered with disgust.

Their snickering did not deter Noah from following the divine blueprint for this project. There was nothing conventional about this boat.

Compared to his generation, there was nothing conventional about Noah either.

Corruption All Around

At a time in history when humanity was corrupt to the core and immersed in evil, God sorrowfully regretted bringing creation into existence. (See Genesis 6).

While others remorselessly pursued a lifestyle of wickedness, Noah was the only person reputed to be blameless on earth.

Noah was a man of integrity. He found favour in the eyes of God.

Noah stood out for all the right reasons.

Choices Matter

One person’s decision to lead an upright life carried such a profound impact in heaven and on earth.

A qCanvas Original: Raft vs. Millstone

A qCanvas Original: Raft vs. Millstone

God found much comfort in Noah’s fellowship that He even shared His heartache concerning humanity’s wickedness with Noah. God also revealed detailed instructions to him concerning what was to come.

Noah’s integrity blessed Heaven, and it also made way for Noah’s loved ones and representatives of all living creatures to be preserved through the most historic floods to ever sweep across the face of the earth.

Noah’s principled life positioned him to become a life-raft for a remnant.

How often do we take time to consider that our choices can not only affect our own life, but that of those around us?

Shut In Him

Noah chose the unpopular, nonsensical route of obedience, but when God shut the door of the ark, Noah and a remnant of creation remained in the zone of divine protection and provision.

When God shuts a door in your life, remember that you are still in His zone of safety despite turbulent conditions on the other side of that closed door.

In His perfect time, God will direct you to the door that He intends to open for you.

When you choose to live in the zone of God’s Will for your life, your life will become a raft that preserves the lives of others as well as your own. When you choose to live outside of that zone, your choices can become a millstone that will weigh you and those around you down from moving forward.

Raft or millstone; choose well.

Acknowledge God and walk in a covenant relationship with Him. Listen for His voice and lead a principled life in obedience to the Word of God.

There are many lives that will be impacted by the choices that you make. Be a man or a woman of integrity and you will be a raft for your generation.

Choose to be in His Zone.

Be a life-raft for your generation. Be in the centre of God’s Will for your life. Live with integrity!

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