A Boxing Day message to my stalker

Not too long ago, I had a strange feeling that there was someone lurking in my shadow. At first, I thought it was sheer paranoia on my part.

It clearly was not.

Stalker 1-2

It was subtle in the early stages. Simple words and passive actions that didn’t even make a hair on my brow feel unsettled.

But it wasn’t too long before I felt that everything I did was being watched and mimicked.

Not out of admiration, but with cunning intentions.

It has now progressed to the point where my personal space has been aggressively and viciously invaded.

I am being stalked.

At times, I wondered whether I did something to bring this on. But then I thought: Is being myself a crime?


What would you do if someone wanted to be you?

Under ordinary circumstances, some may find it to be flattering. But this is far from any ordinary circumstance and beyond any level of simple admiration.

At this rate, this undue focus on me and what I do in life has become more than just unhealthy. This individual has turned it into an outright obsession, and a disturbing, competitive one at that.

So that’s the overview. Now here’s my message:

Dear stalker,

In a situation such as this, it would be simple to call into question your level of confidence, self-esteem, maturity, etc. But that is not my reason for writing to you.

I am frustrated that you are giving up who you are – your own God-given identity – just to be someone else.

A counterfeit lifestyle does come cheap. Creating a facade, to make people believe that you are someone you’re truly not, may seem advantageous to you. However, remember this:

A clone will never be able to scale the heights to accomplish the destiny that God has custom designed for the original.

Be an original.

You were not called to be a carbon copy of any frail human being. You are created in the image of the King of kings; the Master of the universe.
You have been assigned the most important role to fulfill in your life: You.

What you see in plain sight in my life are His abundant grace and blessings. I am nothing without Him. What you don’t have a clue about are the valleys that I have had to walk through in my life to get to experience these mountaintops.

God has preserved me by His unfailing mercy even when I traversed treacherous terrain. I pray that I will have the courage to openly share my story some day.

I do not for a moment take for granted that God has blessed my family beyond measure. I have always prayed that we would never lack any good thing, and He has exceeded our wildest dreams and expectations in every area of life. Our Heavenly Father is Faithful.

All this to say that before you covet my blessing, ask yourself whether you are prepared to handle the path that has been carved out for me.

Individual flower in the lightThere is a path that has been ordained for you and only you. Your shoes can be filled by none other.

Don’t allow yourself to be deceived into pursuing another’s destiny and abandoning your own. Your purpose in life is far too valuable to abort.

I make it a point in my life to have no enemies, and I do not see you as an enemy. I pray for you with hope that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened to see that you don’t need to follow anyone’s footsteps in life, but His.

I sincerely hope that you will choose to step out of the shadows to walk in the light that God has intended for you to walk in.

May Jesus be Your Guide.

A clone will never be able to scale the heights to accomplish the destiny that God has custom designed for the original. Be an original!

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