Living Life on Leftovers

Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada is now behind us. It is likely that a touch of delectable goodness from most Thanksgiving feasts will find its way into sandwiches, salads and soups for some time ahead.



Minimal preparation; minimal effort; minimal wait. Leftovers make life easier.

Nevertheless; one must never forget that even leftovers have a shelf life.

Ponder for a moment: What about our spiritual life? Are we trying to get through life on spiritual leftovers?

Put to the Challenge

Manna, a special type of bread, rained down from heaven on a daily basis during the Israelites’ time in the wilderness (see Exodus 16). God gave the Israelites clear instructions as to how to gather this provision of manna.

They were to gather a specific quantity every day without keeping any portion from that particular day for the next day (with the exception of the Sabbath). This was God’s test as to whether they could follow His instructions (v. 4).

Among other attempts to cut corners, some of the Israelites decided to keep a portion of their daily provision for the next day.

Talk about a recipe for rotten grub! The next day, those Israelites found leftovers that had a terrible stench and were full of maggots.

But why would the Israelites want to stock up on food when they could just go out and gather fresh manna every day?

Regardless of their motives, their actions put them at risk of becoming familiar with God. Instead of waiting for God to provide for their present-day needs, the Israelites thought they would be just as satisfied with the leftovers from the day before. And clearly, their unwise decision led to utter dissatisfaction.

What if David had followed the Israelites’ method?

The Philistines had raided the valley, and David had to act fast (1 Chronicles 14:8-17). David went before God and sought guidance.

1) God clearly told Him to go up against the Philistines and he would be victorious.

2) David did just that and won the battle.

Within a short period of time (it must have been somewhat shortly after as this is recorded in v.13, the next sentence!), the Philistines once again raided the area.

It would have been simple for David to use the same approach of going up against the Philistines, expecting the same results. After all; it was a familiar route and it would have saved time.

But David did not lean on his own understanding. Instead, David went and inquired of the Lord again.

The outcome: God gave David a fresh strategy to conquer his enemies and secure victory.

So, David followed His new instructions and won the battle. In addition to victory, God rewarded David with fame; near, far and wide; and the nations feared David (v. 17).

Isn’t it a good thing that David inquired of the Lord rather than simply turning to the leftovers from his previous victory? Our obedience in turning to God every time and in any situation is the key to our success.

The Meat of the Matter

How often do we try to rush through life based on our knowledge of what God did in our yesterdays? How often do we neglect to run back to Him who is waiting for us with open arms?

The fact is, God is ever-present! He longs for us to know Him today.

Seek a fresh revelation of Him. Nothing in this world could ever satisfy you like Him. There is so much more for us to discover about God.

After facing so many challenges in life, I have come to appreciate that situations arise to position me for a fresh revelation of who God is and my identity in Him.

His strategy will always align us for our breakthrough.

Rediscover God today, and run to Him every moment of every day. He rewards those who diligently seek Him!

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