QRI Scenic Route: Addington Highlands, Ontario

We are enjoying the sights and scenes near our home. Over the past year, we have discovered so many hidden trails and wonders!

And how delightful it has been to explore the rolling hills of Addington Highlands, also known as Nature’s Heartland. The scene was ablaze with colour this Fall! (Me thinkst Q wore out the brake pads on our vehicle from pulling over so many times so we can scurry about with our camera.)

Here are a few images from our excursion where we experienced steep climbs and drops, and everything from blazing sunshine and blue skies to mist and showers.

A lovely Thanksgiving Weekend indeed! Thank You God for showing us Your glorious splendour through each season in our beautiful Canada!


Brilliant orange canopy


By the roadside

Tree tops meet the sky


Horses - Fall backdrop

At the edge of the road




Winding roadway

Addington Highlands - Core

The view from the peak of Addington Highlands

View before the 12-degree drop

Another beautiful orange canopy


Colours by the lake


Roots by and leaves in the river

Heart-Shaped Canopy



Glimmering rays on the lake

Fall lighting up a house

Autumn island

Rock Wall

Glistening waters

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8 comments on “QRI Scenic Route: Addington Highlands, Ontario
    • It is all the work of His hand!! We are blessed to see it. You too can be blessed to see it if you climb aboard that plane fast! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

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