QRI Scenic Route: Morris Island, Ontario

We recently discovered a serene location called Morris Island; a beautiful conservation area near our place. One could spend weeks (if not months) taking photos there as a slight change in lighting seems to completely transform the place…even in the same season and time of day.

As the weather was lovely today, we decided to venture out that way again on another little photowalk. We took in so much!

Actually, a little too much…About halfway into our walk…in the middle of the woods…I heard a sound that set me off into a m-a-s-s-i-v-e panic attack!

The distinct sound of a snake slithering through the leaves.

Heart rate at 420; no exaggeration, folks! I would have scaled a tree if I knew how!

Somehow, Q managed to calm me down after a near fainting spell; and we managed to get me out of there without scaring off the wildlife with all my shrieking! Thank the Lord for a praying husband!

And we still took some more time to capture some great photos and had a great day. Lots of birds today.  🙂

p.s. And if you’re wondering; yes, the sound of the snake was no figment of my imagination. There was one confirmed sighting by Q and it was right by our feet. I wonder if I can get myself a pair of big, long, rubber boots that go right up to the neck for next time…

Viewer Discretion is Advised: There is a pretty cool pic of a very large bullfrog and turtle at the end of this post. For those of you who are not cool with this, you may want to skip the last photo. For those of you who are okay with it, see if you can spot the turtle!

Tree stumps_Landscape

Woody_Up close and personal

Woody! QRI Shot of the Day

Blue Jay in flight

Blue Jay in flight

PathBare Branches_ LandscapeBeautiful reflectionMussels by the shoreMoss on the rockMoss in the waterInteresting log by the shoreLonely PineconeLoon n' duckBlackcapped ChickadeeWoody_full shotWoody's brilliant coatDuck at DuskFunky bushesBullfrog n' turtle

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    • Thanks Matt! Glad you liked it. Hope you get the chance to visit it one day. It is serene beyond belief! We’ll be posting more pics of other hidden gems shortly; stay tuned! Blessings!

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