A new season

I am literally standing by the grace of God! If I had to contemplate every blessing that we have received, especially since my miraculous healing on January 23, 2011, I would seriously pass out! And so, I won’t even bother with trying to process it all…

QRI original image - Spring pic of our Maple; Ottawa ON

It has been pure joy since I got my life back. I am able to be take care of and have fun with Q and Ish, work fulltime, tackle special projects, drive; you name it! Q is so surprised over how much energy I have. Even my doctor feared that I would have setbacks, but when she heard about how I was doing two months later, she said: I know that this is a true miracle. I know it! 

Among many marvellous happenings, I also received a promotion at work over which I am still utterly dumbfounded. Miracle would be an appropriate term to use in this instance too!

We’re having an absolute blast connecting with friends and family to celebrate all that has taken place over the last two months. After experiencing over a year of turmoil in the valley, it’s an incredible feeling to be dancing on higher ground. 

We are constantly reminded of the Word of the Lord that was released to us by two servants of God as the storms raged on all around us: Cling to the promises of God as you face great battles in 2010, and 2011 will be a year of smooth sailing and solid footing. In everything that will take place, God will receive the glory. 

How true it is that we need wind to keep our sailboats moving forward.

God has ushered in a new season for QRI, and we simply cannot wait to see all the greater things that He has in store for us.

We’re springing forward; all glory be unto His name. He makes all things new!

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